Open air and flowers.


We take the present risks of covid-19 very seriously. All our spring floral workshops have been cancelled, and we are following our government's recommendations closely regarding our future workshops.


Our workshops are essentially outside; they take place in a large unheated quonset, with a very large door that remains open the the outdoors. We ensure a distance of ten feet between all workspaces, and we keep our tools in buckets of bleach water, where they can be rinsed, along with hands, regularly.


Guests presenting any symptoms of illness will not be permitted onto our property. Our farmhouse and private yard are also strictly off limits. If any within our family begins to exhibit symptoms of illness, we will inform guests prior to their arrival, and offer refunds or credits.


We must be clear that we do not flout or take the risks of covid-19 lightly. By keeping our workshops open for registration, our intent is to simply offer a mental health reprieve for those who need to get out into the open air. We offer a quiet afternoon with flowers and good conversation, all from a very safe distance.