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What began as a intensive course detailing our wild first year of flower farming, has expanded into spring and fall business classes, a sought after book on cut flower farming business essentials, and several speaker sessions led by Sarah, detailing key elements of developing a small scale flower farming business. Clearly, there is an appetite among market farmers and dreamers for solid, practical, and accessible tools for building their businesses.

DON'T PANIC comes from the perspective of Alberta Girl Acres owner Sarah Adams, a communications and marketing professional with a special interest in business development, who left it all behind to grow cut flowers. A lifelong gardener, she soon discovered that growing  her flowers was only a very small piece of running a successful cut flower farm. Assessing market potential, reaching current markets and opening new ones, and structuring her business in a sustainable, adaptable way... these elements were just as, if not more, important than simply growing beautiful blooms.

The potential for small scale cut flower farms is vast, but growers must be prepared for the ever changing economic and environmental challenges that small scale farmers now contend with. That means creating a clear, comprehensive business plan that identifies risk early on, in order to develop effective mitigation and adaptation strategies.

Whether you choose to purchase Sarah's book, book her for a speaker's session, or join her in person for an intensive day-long business class, DON'T PANIC is designed to set you and your business up for success.

PLEASE NOTE: While the hard copy below says "Out of Stock" you can purchase it through Amazon!

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