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Cut Garden Club


Registration for our Cut Garden Club is now closed for the 2021 season. We look forward to seeing new members next year!

From February until October, plan and dream with us, with exclusive access to our own articles, resources, seeds*, specialty seedlings**, and lots of other sweet perks and bonuses! Chase away the early season blahs by filling your mind with plans for your gorgeous future garden!


This club is designed for *hobby gardeners* with a special interest in cut flowers. Focused on accessible, sustainable, and all natural growing methods, our primary aim is to help you create the healthiest and most beautiful garden for any space you might have. Sarah will share our processes throughout the growing season, as each topic becomes applicable to our Northern gardening schedules.

Memberships are annual, and we offer two membership tiers:


Standard - $100.00 + gst

Standard members get access to our weekly content, including garden planning, growing how-tos, strategies for pest and disease mitigation, and features on popular cut flowers, all from February until October. When we have seeds and seedlings available, Standard Members get purchase access to what we have in stock (we do not make seed/seedling sales public yet). 

Premium - $250.00 + gst (SOLD OUT)

A Premium Membership includes access to our weekly content from February until October, as well as $150 in credit which may be applied to our seeds, seedlings, and fall bulb preorder. Premium Members get "first dibs" on all our stock. Please note seedlings are available in limited supply, to *local members* only, as we cannot ship them.

All of our club's content will be shared via the Members' Section and weekly e-newsletters, emails, and regular Q&As. 

As of this spring, our remaining seeds and seedlings will be made available in May, for pickup on our farm, or a private Calgary location (Glamorgan area). Details will be shared when they are ready.

*Our farm's seeds and fall bulbs are available to Canadian growers only.

**Our farm's speciality seedlings will be available to local members only. Members will be asked to pickup seedlings directly from our farm, or from a designated Calgary pickup point.


1. Scroll down this page to the pretty garden images and select "Standard Membership"

2. Purchase the membership and enter your information as prompted.

3. Within 24 hours you will receive a welcome email (please ensure your inbox doesn't filter

4. In the welcome email from Sarah, you'll receive final instructions for signing into our "Members' Access"  page, where the bulk of our Club info is shared. 


- Signing up for our newsletter is *not* the same thing as purchasing a membership (but we still appreciate you signing up!)

- Individual access to our Members' Section will not be allowed until Sarah has approved each member. 

If you are Indigenous, First Nations, or Métis, please get in touch before registering. We would be happy to make this program more accessible to you in whatever way we can.

Our 2021 schedule:

From February to April our club will cover:

- Garden Planning and Basic Requirements

- Understanding Hardiness & Frosts

- Understanding Annuals, Biennials, and Perennials

- Top Varieties for Northern Growers

- Seed, Bulb and Roots Sources

- Tools & Supplies

- Seed Starting

- Water and Irrigation

-Using Landscape Fabric

- Companion Planting

- Pest Mitigation Pt 1: Critters

- Potting Up and Hardening Off

- Pinching

From May to June we will cover:

- Direct Sowing

- Pest Mitigation Pt 2: Bugs

- Weeds!

- Transplanting

- Spring Flowers Harvesting & Care

- Pest Mitigation Pt 3: Fungus & Disease

- Stormy Weather

- Staking, Corrals & Trellises


From July to August we will cover:

- Harvesting

- Conditioning & Vase Life

- Pest and disease control

- Thinking Ahead

- Floral arranging

- Flower drying and preserving


From September to October we will cover:

- Garden Bounty!

- Understanding Seed Pods

- Harvesting and Storing Seeds

- Bulb Planting

- Perennial Planting

- Fall Clean Up

- Wreath Making

- Closing the Season