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She bought a farm.

In the summer of 2017, Sarah Adams bought a farm.


A mother of two with a background in fine art, pastry, communications, and a mishmash of other creative pursuits throughout her communities, the plan for Alberta Girl Acres took shape over years of dreaming and preparing. Sarah grew up in the small Northeastern Alberta hamlet of Cherry Grove, and since leaving that quiet village of farms and acreages, her end goal has always been to create an independent, low-impact, productive life for herself on her own piece of land. She has spent the past two decades gardening and informally studying horticulture, preparing for the day she could finally cultivate on a larger scale.

In June 2017, the stars aligned and she took the plunge. She found the perfect five and a half acres near Vulcan, Alberta (doubly suited to her love of Star Trek!) and, amicably setting aside her office job in the city, she began the whirlwind task of creating a solid and sustainable plan for her farm. 

The plan went wonderfully, and Sarah enjoyed four years of building a successful small scale flower farm. She used her passion for small business development, as well as her experience in marketing & communications to teach others how to set up their small scale operations. She also published a book titled DON'T PANIC: A Business Guide to Small Scale Cut Flower Farming, which continues to help others create plans for their small farming businesses.

In 2021, Sarah's spouse and father to her children, passed away from cancer. This loss drastically altered her ability to maintain a growing market farming business. She made the difficult decision to sell the farm and return to Calgary, where her family could be closer to core supports and communities. Now in Calgary, she once again works in branding & communications, for an incredible company that works to reduce poverty, equip participants with small business skills, and create sustainable livelihoods.


New updates will be coming soon regarding what 2022 will look like for Alberta Girl Acres. Sarah remains extremely grateful for all the kindness and support her family has received throughout this transition.

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