• DON'T PANIC: A Cut Flower Farming Business Course


    DON'T PANIC: A Cut Flower Farming Business Course
    is a one-day intensive course detailing the path of a start up flower farm, from initial inspiration, to business planning, to brand development, to marketing, to the amazing, terrifying, exhausting, and completely life-altering first year of farming cut flowers.


    Sarah shares her most impactful lessons learned during her start up phase; what went right, what went wrong, and everything she wished she knew before she started. Designed to illuminate the gritty details of “The Dream”, this course equips participants with realistic business tools, templates, and strategies for not only surviving their first year, but thriving through it. We will discuss visioning your business model, creating a comprehensive business plan, identifying your market, creating financial projections, strategic planning, securing funding, and what day-to-day operations in your first year might look like.


    Participants of this course will also recieve a free copy of the new edition of “DON’T PANIC: A Business Guide to Cut Flower Farming”. This book tells the story of Sarah’s first year, and breaks the rollercoaster ride down into detailed business planning as well as informative, encouraging tips and advice.


    DATE: September 19th, 2020
    TIME: 9:00am to 6:00pm
    LOCATION: Alberta Girl Acres, 15 mins SE of Vulcan. Exact location will be shared following registration, the week before the course.

    Lunch will be provided.

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