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Small scale, sustainable, family run.

Our flowers are grown on approximately one acre of productive garden space. From May to September, our gardens produce beautiful, sustainably grown flowers both in the field and in our unheated greenhouse. We specialize in *cut* flowers, offering them through our Workshops, CSAs, On-Farm sales, and Flower Trailer sales.


For a more comprehensive understanding of our farm, please read our FAQs below.

Q. Where are you located? 

A. We are located approximately 15 minutes SE of the town of Vulcan, Alberta. For privacy and security reasons, we do not share our address publicly. Guests who have registered for our workshops, purchased a farm ticket, booked a photoshoot, or arranged to purchase on-farm flowers or a CSA bouquet pick up, will receive directions to our farm within one week prior to their scheduled visit. Our farm is our home, and our privacy is precious to us.

Q. Can I visit your farm? 

A. For details about visiting our farm, please see our Visit page. We are not open to the public for "pop-in" visits or tours. We are a working farm with a very small crew (often only one or two people), and our days are packed with urgent seasonal labour that we cannot put on hold. Our farm is also our home, and we value our privacy. All visitors must have a farm ticket, be registered for a workshop, have a flower pickup arranged, or must have otherwise confirmed their visit with Sarah.

Q. Can I buy potted plants from you? 

A. We are not a nursery operation, and do not specialize in selling potted plants. During our early spring "Cut Garden Planning" workshops, we often provide participants with a few baby plants to start in their gardens, however we do not offer these plants for sale separately.

Q. Do you take custom orders? 

A. We are farmers before florists, however Sarah does occasionally put her Fine Art degree and floral design talents to use in creating custom floral arrangements. These orders typically depend on our seasonal workload, and whether the client shows an understanding and appreciation for seasonal, locally grown flowers. We cannot offer the same level of customer service that a standard florist does, because our gardens demand most of our time and attention. If you're interested in having our flowers at your wedding or event, please see our Weddings page.

Q. How long do your flowers last? 

A. We harvest all of our flowers at their peak, and do not use any holding or hydrating solutions to extend their vase lives. We have found that cool, clean water is enough to ensure our flowers last happily in the vase. Please visit our "Buy Flowers" page for more information about flower care.

Q. Can you offer farming or gardening advice?

A. Sarah loves hearing from people who are eager to get into growing flowers, but doling out information constantly can be very time consuming, and time to spare isn't something she has a lot of! Because her time is primarily consumed by farming and running her business, she consolidated her knowledge-sharing efforts into Consultation Services for both hobby gardeners and flower farmers, and through her book, which covers the business elements of starting a small scale flower farm. 


Otherwise, Floret Flowers and The Gardener's Workshop are also great places to start! If you're serious about growing flowers for profit, the Association of Specialty Cut Flower Growers is a valuable network to join as well. 



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