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Cut Garden Consultations


Hobby gardeners interested in developing their cut flower gardens may contact Sarah for private consultations. Sarah can visit your garden space (open air visits only, social distancing laws will apply) and, depending on the length of the booked session, will create an assessment of its potential, provide design advice, assist with troubleshooting and planting solutions, and offer feedback regarding any concerns you may have about your cut flower garden.


This service is available to gardeners who live within 1.5 hours of Vulcan. The rate for private Cut Garden consultations is $75 per hour, with the first hour due upon booking confirmation. All hours are counted in full, and any activities related to the session, including accompanied garden centre trips, are considered billable time. Plants, seeds, seedlings, tools, and supplies are not included in the $75/hr rate, and gardeners are responsible for such purchases.

Please note: seed sowing and transplanting must happen between May and June, or September and October, depending on the plants. Outside of these timeframes, Sarah is still happy to assist you in planning your garden, but planting will be limited. We do not offer landscaping services, and Sarah will not dig or build your garden for you. Her services include sharing knowledge on best suited varieties, teaching effective growing practices for Alberta gardens, and assisting/coaching you with planting your garden.


This service is for *hobby* gardeners, and as such, business details will not be discussed. See below for business consultations.


To inquire about booking a consultation, please fill out our Consultation Inquiry Form.

Flower Farm Consultations

Unsure how to create your business plan? Having trouble identifying your marketable skills or focusing on target revenue streams? Need advice on growing flowers on a business scale? Sarah can help. She will provide a thorough assessment of your farm's potential, review your business plan and provide in depth feedback, and help you identify and mitigate risk. Together we will address any key issues or concerns you have, and will work towards creating a sustainable plan for your business. 

Consultation time limits will dictate the depth of each booked session. General hourly breakdowns are as follows:

- One hour: A general Q&A session, where growers may ask pertinent questions and expect useful advice.

- Two to five hours: Sarah will visit your farm and review its potential with you. She will provide advice and recommend resources.

- Six to twelve hours: In addition to a farm visit and review of its potential, Sarah will review your business plan and provide pertinent feedback. She will create a SWOT analysis, identifying strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.

- Twelve hours or more: In addition to the services listed above, Sarah will help you develop your new business plan. Depending on the span of the full consultations, she may also assist with branding, website building, copywriting, and creating smooth online content management practices. *Please note that web and branding work typically takes 24+ hours, which must be divided over several weeks (ie: Sarah cannot produce a full web & branding package in less than two weeks).


This service is specifically for market growers, ie: those planning to grow and sell cut flowers for profit. Sarah can visit any farm or property within 1.5 hours of Vulcan (open air visits only, social distancing laws will apply). ​Long distance consultations may be arranged via phone, email, or video chat.

The rate for private Flower Farming consultations is $175 per hour, with the first hour due upon booking confirmation. All hours are counted in full, ie: if a consultation runs past the scheduled hour, the next hour is expected to be paid in full. Sarah will make every effort to keep sessions concise and on-track, however clients are asked to please keep track of time during sessions as well. 

To inquire about booking a consultation, please contact Sarah.

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