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Wedding Flowers

From May to October, we provide fresh, seasonal flowers for weddings and events. Getting married in the winter? Ask us about our dried floral design options!

All of our designs are created by Alberta Girl Acres' owner, Sarah Adams, who uses her Fine Art Degree and love of floral fun to create exclusive designs specific to your personality and passions. We want your eyes to pop when you see what she's made for you. We want your guests to coo and swoon.


We want our flowers to accentuate your magical day in ways imported blooms simply can't; our flowers and designs are as unique as you are! Every bloom has been cultivated with love, tended with fierce affection, and added to our designs with purpose and pride. Some of our flowers are literally brand new, one-of varieties, as Sarah tinkers each year with cross pollination and breeding. These are not "off the cart" flowers, they are all from our gardens, full of wonder, curiosity, and imagination. Perfect little emblems of a new marriage, no? 

Understanding "Seasonal"

We create arrangements using seasonal cut flowers grown right here on our farm. We work with brides and florists who understand and appreciate the value of our unique, Alberta-grown blooms.


We cannot guarantee specific flowers, as every bloom we grow is at the mercy of weather, pests, and crop failure.


We do not offer a list of our flowers to choose from, as that list (which would be very long) could change from week to week. We grow a wide variety of colours, hues, tones, textures, and sizes, so whether your wedding is in May or September, we can always create something gorgeous for you, according to your palette and style. To peek at what we grow throughout the season, follow us on Instagram.

Supporting Small Scale

We often work with other local growers, to ensure the best variety of fresh flowers for your wedding. Everything we grow and source is ethically and sustainably grown, and by ordering your wedding florals from us, you are directly supporting small scale cut flower farmers in Alberta.

Customer Service


On a daily basis, we field emails from workshop attendees, florists, growers, suppliers, CSA members, event planners, market managers, other brides, and a myriad of general inquiries. But, before we can even sit down to those emails, we have to grow the flowers! Planting, weeding, pest control, harvesting, garden maintenance, infrastructure maintenance... we're a working farm. We work very hard to keep things ticking smoothly, whether in the field or via administration, but we don't have a "customer service" team to assist with ongoing questions or concerns outside of what our Terms of Service have detailed.


When you contact us, the people reading your inquiry are either Sarah (owner), Nathan (the Fella), or our teen daughter. And while we do our best to respond to questions as promptly and clearly as possible, we ask that all our clients acknowledge and understand that we cannot be on call for every small question, last minute order change, or request for information that could be easily answered via our Terms of Service. Put simply, we expect our clients to respect our time. Your flowers will be stunning, we promise! We are working very hard to ensure the oohs and ahhs are well worth it!


Along those lines, it must be said that we will not tolerate haughty, demanding, dismissive, abusive, or rude behaviour. We choose our customers and clients with care. Our flowers are worth your kindness. Our flowers are worth your respect and courtesy.


Breaching these basic requirements may result in order cancellations, without refund. These policies are set out in more detail in our Terms of Service. We're here to make your special day very, very beautiful, just not at the cost of our dignity or sanity. Please read our Terms of Service carefully before submitting an Order Inquiry Form (below).

What to Budget

Our prices are listed in our Order Inquiry Form (button below). Some prices, such as archways, floor installations, and floral chandeliers, will depend on the designs.

"Bulk" blooms for DIY brides may be ordered as well, with each bucket of blooms averaging 30 stems, at a cost of approximately $75 per bucket. Again, the price depends on the flowers! For bulk blooms, just as with our floral designs, we cannot accommodate requests for specific flowers. We provide blooms according to seasonality and palettes. We also cannot estimate how many stems you will need for your event. Please research and create stem count estimates before ordering bulk blooms with us.

Alberta Girl Acres'

Wedding Order Terms of Service


All orders must be submitted via our Order Inquiry Form (button above). This form is the first step in creating your order. If your date is not available, we will notify you within 48 hours of your inquiry submission, unless our availability has already been clearly stated on our website and social media.


Orders that require fresh flowers may be booked for events that fall between May and October. From November to April, we will be offering gorgeous dried flower designs (more info coming soon). For events in early May or late October, our seasonal flower variety might be limited, and we will discuss sourcing sustainably grown, seasonal florals from BC with you, in order to supplement our farm's blooms. No more than 10% of any order will be sourced from outside Alberta, and such blooms will only be sourced when our farm's variety is limited due to a late or early winter.

Deposit and Payment


Following confirmation of your order, we will provide you with a quote. Following confirmation of the quote, we will provide a contract stating you have read and agree to our Terms of Service. With your signed contract, we require a non refundable deposit of 30% of the total quote. The full balance of the order is due 30 days prior to your event. Payments may be made via etransfer or Paypal, to info@albertagirlacres.com.


Order Changes

Additions, substitutions, and slight changes may be submitted up to 30 days prior to your event, however additions will incur an added non-refundable deposit totalling 30% of the additional costs. We cannot change, add to, or reduce your order less than 30 days prior to the wedding. Changes and additions must be submitted clearly, in writing, to info@albertagirlacres.com. Please include "Wedding Order Change Request" in the subject line, and ensure your full name and wedding date are in the email body.

Any changes will be accommodated according to availability of dates, flowers, and materials. Please note not all changes will be possible for us to accommodate (ie: date changes).


Any equipment or vases rented to you are given with the understanding that all items will be returned in the same condition they were loaned. Costs associated with damaged or lost items will be added to your bill, to be payed within seven days following your event.


We understand that life gets wacky sometimes, and as such, if you must cancel your order, we will provide refunds for all monies paid, less the non-refundable deposit. Cancellations must be submitted in writing to info@albertagirlacres.com.

Our "Mutual Respect" Policy

Weddings can be stressful times, and even the best of us can occasionally crack under the pressure. While we absolutely empathize with the stress that these (ultimately lovely! Trust us! It will be okay!) times can bring, we will not tolerate haughty, demanding, dismissive, abusive, or rude behaviour. You are responsible for communicating clearly and calmly with us, and in turn, we will do our very best to make your day as lovely as we possibly can.


To ensure we understand each other throughout the planning process, we ask that all our clients:

- Read our Terms of Service carefully.


- Correspond using the email address you provided in your inquiry form.

- Include your name and wedding date in your email subject lines. 

- Please do not assume we know what you mean, ie: "the venue", "the pink flowers", "the bouquets"... please be specific if it's something we need to know. We take a lot of orders, and each different order includes many details.

- Please avoid use of all caps, multiple expression points, and vague abbreviations. Ie: we will not respond to emails such as "WHAT IS THIS PLS ADVISE???". We are professionals and operate as such.

- Please do not continually ask whether we have certain flowers. We enter each agreement with the mutual understanding of "seasonal" flowers, and we will design your blooms according to palette and style. We will do our best to observe your "preferred" flower requests included in your order inquiry form, but the seasons dictate which flowers will be available when.

- Please fill out your order inquiry form with accurate, spellchecked information, especially your email address! We rely on these forms to contact clients and fulfill orders. If your email address, phone number, or other key info is submitted inaccurately, it will cause unnecessary confusion later on, and unneeded stress for you!

Thank you for taking the time to read these terms and policies.

We hope we have the chance to work with you!

Terms of Service
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