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Cut Garden Club

Frequently Asked Questions


"Does the club cover vegetables too?"

Yes! We'll discuss companion planting flowers and vegetables, and the various ways ornamental plants benefit our garden produce.

"Why is there a fee for Membership?"

The information provided is based on Sarah's experience as a lifelong gardener and previous flower farmer, and is honed specifically for cold climate gardeners. Sarah spends a lot of time creating accurate, applicable, and practical content based on her years of experimenting and learning. The membership fee is a reflection of the value of Sarah's time and knowledge. 

"What if my plants die?"

This club is meant to equip members with knowledge that will hopefully mitigate the various risks our gardens encounter throughout the season. However, gardening always includes embracing a bit of chaos. Members are solely responsible for the handling, care, management, and maintenance of their respective gardens. 

"Are there any in-person elements to this club?"

Our Local Seedling-Plus members pick up their seedlings in late May, but otherwise the club is primarily online, within our website's Members' Section. However, if pop up events or workshops arise during the summer, our members will be the first on the invite list!

"Does this club cover organic methods?"

Yes! Almost exclusively! Sarah is committed to sharing sustainable, Earth-friendly, and biodynamic growing methods. Understanding soil health, natural pest mitigation, and disease management are all big aspects of this club.

"If I choose to leave the club, can I get a refund?"

You bet. See refund details in our Terms of Service.

"I was a member last year. Do I qualify for a membership discount this year?"

If you didn't receive a refund for your 2021 membership, then yes you do! See our Terms of Service for more info.

"Do we get to see Sarah's garden?"

In pictures, yes! Lots! But in person, Sarah gardens on her private property and takes the privacy of her family very seriously. Unless invited, visitors are not allowed to visit or walk on or through her property. She also has big dogs ;)

Got any other questions?

Please read our Terms of Service for more information. If your question is not answered there, please contact us and we will respond within 48 hours.

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