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Alberta Girl Acres
Cut Garden Club Terms of Service

Cut Garden Club Terms of Service must be agreed to prior to registration.

Sarah is happy to provide and share all the magic of building and maintaining beautiful gardens, but she will not tolerate antagonism, abuse, or unkind behaviour directed at her or any other Club members. This is a "private" club, run by one busy lady, not a multi-staffed program. Thanks! More details below.

Terms of Service

These Terms of Service apply to Alberta Girl Acres' Cut Garden Club Members. They exist to make the club a lovely experience for all. If you do not agree with these terms, please do not purchase a membership.

Start and End Dates

- The Cut Garden Club runs from March 14th 2022 to October 14th, 2022.

2021 Members

Our 2021 season was cut short due to personal loss. In light of that:

- 2021 Members who did not request refunds in 2021 are eligible for a $50 discount on their 2022 Standard Memberships. 

- 2021 Members who requested credit may apply their credit to their 2022 Standard Memberships. 

- Please contact Sarah to apply credit.

- Credit can only apply to Standard Memberships, as Sarah still has to cover costs of 2022 seedlings included in Local Seedling Plus Memberships.

- 2021 Members who received Cut Garden Club refunds in 2021 will pay the regular 2022 membership fees.


Seedlings are started locally and in private small scale set ups. Seedlings will mainly consist of perennial and annual flowers, herbs, tomatoes, and peppers. Limited berry and shrub seedlings from nurseries may also be offered. Quantities and varieties depend on seed germination and other various factors. We wait until early May before sharing varieties, so we know for certain what is in stock.

- Seedlings are limited and will be made available to Local Seedling Plus members only.

- Seedling varieties will be shared via order forms in early May. Seedling pickup will be from May 21st to June 4th.

- Our main pickup location is a private residence in central NE Calgary. Other locations in the Calgary area may be made available, TBD.

- Members are responsible for picking up their seedlings during the windows provided. Seedlings that are not picked up are not eligible for refunds or credit.

- Once seedlings are in members' hands, they are not eligible for exchanges, refunds, or returns. Once picked up, seedlings are members' responsibility.

- We are not offering seeds this year.


- Content will cover topics as outlined on the Cut Garden Club page.

- Content will be shared weekly, usually Sundays. Occasional bonuses may be shared mid-week, depending on how busy the season is.

- Cut Garden Club content may be printed or downloaded by members.

- 2022 content will be available until October 31st, 2022. Members will have access to content until that time. After that time, access will close and 2023 memberships will open again in March 2023. 

Membership Refunds

- Members in good standing who choose to leave the club (ie: members who have not been asked to leave), may request a refund for the remaining value of the club. For example, if a member chooses to leave in August, they will be refunded for September and October.

- We do not provide retroactive refunds for content already delivered.

Privacy Policy

- Any personal information collected via this club will not be shared with third parties.

- Members will not be automatically added to our newsletter. Please sign up for our newsletter separately if you wish to receive it.

- We use your name and email address to contact you about important club updates. We keep your name and email in our database unless you ask us to delete them. We occasionally contact members the following year of their membership to notify them of renewal discounts. 

- All forums and discussions are private, visible to members only. We also respect the privacy of our members who comment and contribute to discussions. Members may not share the content of our forums or discussions on public platforms.

- Members may not share any content, posts, or resources of the private club on public platforms.

- Under no circumstances may any member share the location of, or visit Sarah's private residence or gardens without permission. Her home and gardens are not places of business, they are absolutely private. 

Club Moderation

- Members are welcome to connect and share their experiences within the Cut Garden Club. We ask that members keep comments and discussions relevant to post topics.

- Sarah moderates all threads and discussions, but is not available at all hours. She is a solo mother who works a full time job. She will share her availability with registered Members, and will schedule occasional club meetups via Zoom. Outside of Sarah's available hours, please expect responses within 48 hours.

- We do not tolerate any discussion of conspiracy theories, evangelism, discrimination, fringe beliefs, or other antagonistic topics. This club is meant to function as a reprieve. We respect everyone's right to feel safe and at ease within our group. Those pushing inflammatory messages will be warned once, and then removed (without refund) if they persist.

- It should be noted that Sarah is a progressive, secular, and pragmatic person who enjoys science. If moderation leans towards progressive preferences, that's why. If this bothers you, please feel free to start a garden club for yourself.

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