• Spring Bouquet Subscription CSA

    What: Five-week bouquet subscriptions. Beautiful, seasonal, farm fresh weekly bouquets! Our Spring Subscription is slightly less than our Late Summer Subscription, due to smaller spring harvests.


    Vulcan County: We offer delivery on Thursdays to addresses within a 20 minute drive from the town of Vulcan ($10 delivery per week for all five weeks = $50). Customers may also pick bouquets up from our farm Saturdays between noon and 4:00pm.

    Calgary: Pick up Saturdays at Workshop Studios, 12pm to 4pm, or delivery Saturdays (within Calgary limits) between 8am and 6pm ($10 delivery per week for all five weeks = $50).

    Okotoks and High River: Delivery Fridays between 9am and 5pm.  ($10 delivery per week for all five weeks = $50)



    May 30th, 2020 - June 27th, 2020


    Gift slips available!

    *CHECKOUT NOTE*: For delivery fees, please see the "shipping" dropdown option upon checkout, and select the "CSA Delivery" option that fits your order. Please consider "shipping details" the same as "registration details".

    We are located 15 minutes SE of Vulcan. Our exact location and directions will be shared following registration, in the weeks leading up to the CSA term.


    • Terms of Service

      CSA Bouquet Subscription FAQs & Terms of Service


      What is a CSA?


      CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture.  As defined by Alberta Agriculture and Forestry:

      "Community Supported Agriculture or Community Shared Agriculture (CSA) is a community of individuals or families who support a chosen farm and its family. Each individual or family purchases, in advance, a share, called a subscription, of the year’s crop. Thus, the customers become virtual partners or ‘co-producers’ in the farm, sharing risk and reward with the farm family. Throughout the growing season, each week subscribing member receives equal shares of the freshly harvested food from the farmer."

      Alberta Girl Acres CSAs are weekly bouquets created with local, seasonal, and organically grown blooms. By purchasing a CSA share with us, you're supporting our farm, and you're also helping to grow a healthy, eco-friendly local flower industry.


      Where and when do I pick up my flowers?


      2020 CSAs within Vulcan County are delivered Thursdays, or may be picked up from our farm Saturdays from noon to 4:00pm. Additional local pick up points may be announced closer to the season.


      Calgary: Pick up Saturdays at Workshop Studios, 12pm to 4pm, or delivery Saturdays (within Calgary city limits) between 8am and 6pm.


      Okotoks and High River: Delivery Fridays between 9am and 5pm, or pick up Saturdays at our market location (TBA Spring 2020).


      Can I request a specific time for delivery?


      Because of the number of CSAs we deliver, and the range of addresses we deliver to, your address is mapped according to the most economical and fuel-efficient routes. We also have weather and traffic to navigate, which means we cannot accommodate specific delivery time requests. Most bouquets are delivered between 8am and 6pm.


      Can I request delivery if I can't pick up my flowers?


      Fees for delivered CSAs are paid at the beginning of our season, and at this time we can't offer pick up/delivery "switches" mid-season. CSAs must be either picked up for the duration of the subscription, or delivered for the duration of the subscription. The reason for this limitation is that we are a family farm with a very small team. During peak season, we cannot accommodate the added administration of arranging last-minute delivery for CSAs. 


      What if I can't pick up my flowers?


      If you're unable to pick up your bouquet, we recommend you ask someone else to pick them up for you. If no one can pick them up, let us know and they will be donated to someone in need.


      What if I go on vacation?


      If you take a holiday during the summer, as many do, we ask that you arrange for someone else to pick up your blooms while you're away. If your blooms are being delivered, let us know you'll be away at least a week before you go, and give us an alternate address we can deliver to. If you'd rather donate your blooms, let us know and we'll make arrangements.


      Can I specify which flowers I want in my weekly bouquets?


      At this time we do not do custom or special requests for CSAs. We create each bouquet according to what is seasonal and available, which is part of the fun of a CSA subscription; each week is something new!


      Can I buy a CSA Membership for someone else as a gift?


      Absolutely! As long as they have read and agree to our Terms of Service. Simply register with their info, and let us know it's a gift in the registration form.


      Can I cancel my CSA Membership and refund my money?


      We rely on our CSA Memberships for revenue to keep our farm running and our blooms blooming, however we also understand that life can be goofy sometimes with moves, job changes, etc. For our 2020 CSA subscriptions, refunds will be available up to one week after the purchase of your CSA.


      Becoming a CSA Member means supporting a farm that is at the mercy of unpredictable weather, pests, and plagues, and your shares are vital to our survival. We ask that rather than cancelling, you consider gifting/selling/transferring your membership to someone who will appreciate weekly flowers from a natural, local grower. 


      And finally, if any CSA member's behaviour towards our owner or staff is deemed abusive or inappropriate, their CSA Membership will be cancelled without refund.


      Thank you, and we look forward to sharing our beautiful blooms with you!