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It takes a village.

We're so fortunate to have the support of so many dazzling folks. From the very beginning, the skills of generous superstars have ensured our farm got off the ground. They're the nitrogen to our ornamental kale, the phosphorus to our roses. Without them we would surely wither! Here are our lovelies: 

Community Futures Highwood

"Growing communities one idea at a time". We can't say enough about how key Community Futures has been to our start up success. Supporting rural Alberta businesses through invaluable business plan advisement and development tools, and ultimately providing committed dreamers the funds we need to start our adventures, their faith in our vision has ensured as strong a start as we could have hoped for. Shout out to Skylar at Vulcan Chinook Financial for referring us, and to Ursula at Community Futures for believing in our plan and patiently helping us hone it. We will encounter far fewer business management mistakes thanks to their incredible services.

Screen Shot 2019-12-18 at 9.34.12 AM.png

Ruth Purves Smith

We call Ruth our "fairy godmother". Every so often a tiny miracle happens out here, and dear Ruth brought one in the early summer of 2019. After reaching out, visiting the farm, and discussing its future and potential with Sarah, Ruth donated a gracious sum that helped keep us steady through a year of epic ups and downs. We're now establishing a garden in her name, and her support is appreciated every day. We love you Ruth!! 

Ruth is also a wonderful musician! Take a look and a listen: www.ruthpurvessmith.com

Mod Amour Furniture

Owned and operated by Sandra Anthony, none other than Sarah's mother, Sandra has been the "foremom" for all of the farm's structural renovations, from the house to the quonsets to the kids' swingset. She is a renovation and restoration wizard, who also happens to excel at upholstery! If you're in Calgary and have furniture in need of a facelift, be sure to give her a holler!

Kiarra Albina, Illustrator and Tattoo Artist

She's the mind and incredibly talented hand behind our logo, and her dreamy magic is some of the most beautiful you'll find anywhere. If you're lucky enough to encounter her art, treasure it! 


The Vulcan Agricultural Society

We're so grateful for the support of our local Agricultural Society! From cheering us on to contributing small donations, it feels so good to be embraced by local friends. Special thanks to Norma Lewis for following our journey from the start!

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