"Weekly Weeders" Internships

We are now accepting inquiries for 2022.



The "Weekly Weeders" Internship is pretty much exactly what it sounds like: each internship lasts one week, and the main task is weeding!

Doesn't sound especially glamorous, does it? The fact is, weeding is the primary task we need help with during the growing season. We've thrown in a couple other incentives to sweeten the pot though!


In exchange for six hours of labour per day, here is what our Weekly Weeder Interns can expect during their time with us:

- Comfortable accommodations in our "Birdy Camper", situated in our farm yard, with great views of the animals! The camper is equipped with power and water.

- Working among flowers daily. Taking on other occasional tasks such as planting, harvesting, mowing, and pest mitigation, as required.

- Daily chats with Sarah about the farm and our processes. Ask away! 

- A weekly grocery per diem of $150

This internship is primarily targeted towards people who want to start up a small flower farm of their own, but aren't quite sure where to start. We know not everyone can afford our courses and workshops, so why not trade a bit of sweat for some valuable knowledge!

This internship runs from June 2022 to September 2022. Internships lengths are slotted in one week intervals, but those wishing to stay longer may inquire. To apply, please fill out our inquiry form. Looking forward to meeting new friends in 2022!