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We Love Help!

"Helping" on a small scale market farm can come in many forms. While we receive plenty of offers from kind souls wanting to come out and help us harvest flowers or build bouquets, those tasks actually require quite a bit of training and supervision, and accommodating volunteers tends to pull us out of our very busy daily work routines. Which is to say, labour on the farm is handled quite well via our tight little crew, but there are so many other ways to help us out!


As a small family farm, we're also a small budget farm, which means we often make do with the minimal equipment, supplies, and tools we have for as long as we're able to. There are a million little upgrades constantly piling up on our seasonal wish lists, and we often have to prioritize "REALLY NEEDS" over "NEEDS" (what are "wants"?). THIS is where we could really use your help! And this is where you could truly support our little farm!

Below is our Wish List. Some are tiny items, some are bigger. And of course, if you don't have any items to donate but still want to help us out, we're always accepting donations to our Farm Building Fund, which you can donate to via paypal below!

Alberta  Girl Acres' Wish List:


- Wood: 2x4s, 4x4s, plywood, both treated and non-treated.

- T-Posts: 4" to 10", we can use them all!

- Chicken wire: 4" tall to minimum 10" lengths. We always seem to need more chicken wire!

- Straw bales (seedless): Both round and square, mouldy is okay! We use straw for bedding mulch, compost, and temporary bed structures.

- Wood chips: We know wood chips are a hot commodity in the prairies due to our sparse trees, but who knows. Maybe there's a pallet of damaged unsellable bags at a Home Depot somewhere just waiting to call our farm home.

- Gravel: Oh, what we could do with 12 cubic yards of gravel.

- Sand, compost, rotted manure: *Not from a city facility please - city compost is full of pet feces, yard sprays, and other non-ideal waste we wouldn't want on our flowers. We'd love the good clean stuff though!

- Misc used greenhouse supplies: ie: landscape fabric, frost cloth, shade netting, hanging baskets, water tanks, disassembled frames...

- 5 gallon pails.

- Vases. We're always collecting thrift vases for our floral arranging workshops, and can always use more!


- Wood chipper (or even a day of donated wood chipping services!)

- Landscaping shovels, spades, pitchforks, broadforks, hedge shears, harvest snips, etc.

- A table saw. We borrow my parents' table saw a lot, it would be neat to finally have our own.


- A small tractor with mowing capability or PTO tilling/plowing attachment.

- A couple days use of a skid steer or back hoe. We have a trained operator, just need a machine!

- A small used golf cart or similar utility vehicle.

- A Caravan in decent shape. No joke, we'd love a Caravan!

Yep, it takes a lot to run a farm! And as thanks for donations, we're happy to offer a bouquet of pretties, or if it's too cold, a gift certificate for one! We'll also happily acknowledge you on our website. Please contact us if you have something you'd like to donate!

Want to take your donation further with a more formal sponsorship? We would LOVE to talk sponsorships with you, and would absolutely love to feature your business via our website and social media pages. Please contact us to chat more about sponsorships!

And if you don't have any items to donate but still would love to help, simply donate to our Farm Building Fund via the paypal button below. All donations will go towards purchasing Wish List items and continuing the development of our farm. We will soon be acknowledging donations and friends via our "Our Friends" page. THANK YOU!