We Love Help!

As our weather becomes more volatile due to climate change, farms of all sizes have increasingly severe conditions to contend with. As we strive to steward our soil and grow organically, there are many upgrades and infrastructure our farm needs to ensure we can operate safely and sustainably. These upgrades come with expenses, and as a small scale farm with a tiny budget, we appreciate all the help we can get.


In 2020, our primary focus will be hail mitigation, and as such we have started a "Hail Mitigation Fund". Every donation over $20 to this fund will receive a free 2020 Alberta Girl Acres Wall Calendar, and with their permission, will have their names listed on our "Thanks" page once the hail structures are completed.


Below is a photoshopped image of what we plan to install in our main 100' x 100' flower field. Consisting of 4" x 4" treated wood posts with wire mesh framed at an angle over the rows. We will also be installing similar structures over our workshop garden and vegetable garden. We are budgeting this project at approximately $1500. A relatively small amount, but we need to install it before the growing season begins, when our cash flow is at its tightest. For this reason we are gratefully accepting donations.

Want to take your donation further with a more formal sponsorship? We would LOVE to talk sponsorships with you, and would absolutely love to feature your business via our website and social media pages. Please contact us to chat more about sponsorships!

Support our farm via a donation to our Hail Mitigation Fund: