Field grown dahlia.
Mid summer flower field, 2019.
Purple hued asters.
Snapdragons in the field.
Early summer flower field, 2019.
Seed-grown dahlias.
Visit our Farm


We are a small, *seasonal* flower farm, which means the bulk of our flowers are in full rolling bloom starting mid summer (August). We will not have gorgeous gardens of flowers in the early season (June to mid July), but we'll still have a lovely, peaceful place for visitors.

Our farm is open to groups of ten or less, via prepurchased tickets, on weekends from June to September.


Visitors require a ticket, which may be exchanged for flowers and other products. Details below.

If the risk of covid-19 increases, we will of course update our seasonal plans accordingly.


June 6th to September 5th, 2020.


WEATHER DEPENDENT. Saturdays, 12:00pm to 4:00pm. BY TICKET ONLY. Please read info below.


Saturday tours begin at 12:30pm. Sarah hosts one tour only. Visitors arriving at other times may exchange tickets for products, and may join a tour if it's in progress, but otherwise they may not wander the farm.


We are located 15 minutes SE of the Town of Vulcan. Following ticket purchase, exact directions will be shared the week leading up to your visit.


$25 +gst per guest, ages 12 and up. Your receipt is your ticket.

Tickets must be purchased 24 hours prior to the date you wish to visit. Less than that, and we cannot guarantee we will see the transaction in time to accommodate you.


The value of your ticket will be redeemed in flowers or other products, as they are available (limited produce, eggs, soaps). When you buy a ticket, your are essentially making a deposit on $25 worth of our product. Product available for pick up will be listed on our "Buy Flowers" page starting in July.


After tickets are purchased (below), we will confirm your scheduled visit, and will send directions the week leading up to your visit. Once here, visitors are welcome to purchase additional product exceeding their ticket value.


Because we are an open-air operation, and because we have plenty of space and very few "communal" work areas, we are a very LOW RISK destination. We also bleach our tools daily, and all our flowers are conditioned in bleached buckets filled with fresh, clean water. In most cases, between harvests and sales, ONE person has handled your flowers. We also wear gloves and practice extremely diligent hygiene habits. Because we have an immunocompromised family member, our house and private yard are strictly off limits to visitors.

And due to health and safety concerns, we CANNOT ACCEPT CASH. We accept debit and credit via our Square readers.


- PRINT your receipt and bring it with you. Your receipt is your ticket!

- WASHROOMS are currently unavailable on our farm. We recommend the A&W/Petro station in Vulcan.

- Please bring your own WATER, HATS, SUNSCREEN, SNACKS, HAND SANITIZER, and BUG SPRAY. For sanitary reasons, we cannot provide or "share" these items with the public. We know it would be great to offer visitors beverages and ice cream, and we're making those plans for the future! Due to covid-19 safety however, we will not be offering refreshments.

- Children under 12 MUST be supervised. We cannot allow little ones to freely roam our gardens. Every plant is important to us, and damage can cost us up to $50 in revenue per plant. Please respect our property.

- Photoshoots must be BOOKED SEPARATELY. See our Photoshoots page for more info.


- You will see a parking sign near the driveway, please park in the area indicated, along the side of the grassy road.

- On Saturdays, we also run our "Inspired by The Masters" floral arrangement workshops from 2pm to 4pm. These workshops are booked in advance, however those wishing to "drop in" may do so, if there is room in the workshop. The cost for these workshops is $125 per person.

- U-pick is NOT ALLOWED. Flowers available for sale are kept in our shop or cooler space, or will be available from our flower trailer on the property. DO NOT pick our flowers. 

- Please maintain a distance of at least TWO METRES from all other visitors, and our team.



The growing season comes with a lot of unpredictable weather. If the date of your visit looks stormy, or if you're unable to visit due to other concerns, please let us know within at least 5 hours of your visit, and we can reschedule.