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Standard Membership ~ AGA Cut Garden Club
  • Standard Membership ~ AGA Cut Garden Club

    Annual memberships last from March 14th to October 31st, 2022


    This standard membership includes:


    For Zone 2-4 Growers*:

    - Garden planning tools and resources, such as design guides, supply lists, and useful reading lists.

    - Exclusive access to weekly and monthly growing guides and articles authored by Alberta Girl Acres owner Sarah Adams, released throughout the season.


    Cost: $100 + gst

    *Our growing guides, tips, and resources will be most relevant to growers in colder zones, comparable to Alberta's growing zones.

    By making this purchase, you are agreeing to our Terms of Service. PLEASE READ before purchasing.


    Our 2022 schedule:

    From March to April our club will cover:

    - Garden design and basic structural requirements

    - Season extenders

    - Seeds, seed sources

    - Tools and suppliers

    - Seed starting

    - Direct winter sowing

    - Pest mitigation

    From May to June we will cover:

    - Seedling care and troubleshooting

    - Hardening off and potting up

    - Companion planting

    - Irrigation

    - Transplanting

    - Weed mitigation

    - Storm mitigation


    From July to August we will cover:

    - Pinching

    - Weeding

    - Pest and disease control

    - Harvesting stages and vase life

    - Floral arranging

    - Flower drying and preserving


    From September to October we will cover:

    - Seed harvesting

    - Perennial planting

    - Bulb planting

    - Fall clean up

    - Wreath making

    - Putting beds to sleep for the season

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