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Local Seedling Plus Membership ~ AGA Cut Garden Club
  • Local Seedling Plus Membership ~ AGA Cut Garden Club

    Annual memberships last from March 14th to October 31st, 2022


    This membership includes:


    For gardeners local to Calgary:

    - Exclusive access to our specialty spring seedlings, available in May* (10 plants per member).

    - Spring garden planning tools and resources, such as design guides, supply lists, and useful reading lists.

    - Exclusive seasonal access to weekly and monthly growing guides, articles, and videos authored and produced by Alberta Girl Acres owner, Sarah Adams.


    Cost: $150 + gst


    *Seedlings will be available for pickup from a specified pickup point in Calgary (tba).


    By purchasing this membership you are agreeing to our Terms of Service. PLEASE READ before registering.


    Our 2022 schedule:

    From March to April our club will cover:

    - Garden design and basic structural requirements

    - Season extenders

    - Seeds, seed sources

    - Tools and suppliers

    - Seed starting

    - Direct winter sowing

    - Pest mitigation

    From May to June we will cover:

    - Seedling care and troubleshooting

    - Hardening off and potting up

    - Companion planting

    - Irrigation

    - Transplanting

    - Weed mitigation

    - Storm mitigation


    From July to August we will cover:

    - Pinching

    - Weeding

    - Pest and disease control

    - Harvesting stages and vase life

    - Floral arranging

    - Flower drying and preserving


    From September to October we will cover:

    - Seed harvesting

    - Perennial planting

    - Bulb planting

    - Fall clean up

    - Wreath making

    - Putting beds to sleep for the season

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