• Dried & Hand Tied Bouquets

    Join us as we celebrate the close of the season by making gorgeous dried bouquets!


    Using dried flowers grown right here on our farm, we create gorgeous everlasting bouqets filled with rich colours, textures, and scents. Incorporate seed pods into your bouquets, and plant the seeds in your garden next spring! Dried flowers offer so many wonderful ways to continue enjoying summer's bounty all year round.



    Our farm is an exceptionally low risk location, and for this workshop we will be limiting total participants to six people or less. The workshop is in an outdoor quonset, with a large door that will remain open. 

    We kindly ask that guests bring their own travel mugs/drinks, and use washroom facilities located at the Vulcan Petro-Canada or the Vulcan Market Street grocery store. For our own family's health, we will not be allowing guests in our home to use our washroom facilities. Please dress appropriately for the weather, as the workshop space is unheated and very much "outdoors".


    Our farm is located 15 minutes SE of the town of Vulcan, and specific directions will be shared the week leading up to the workshop. Cancellations will be fully refunded.

    *Please select "NO SHIPPING" upon check out*.