Sustainably Grown Cut Flowers

Our 2020 flowers will be available via our online store starting in JUNE. Our online store will be posted on THIS PAGE. Please subscribe to our newsletter below to be the first to hear when our online store opens. Flowers will be available for weekend farm pick up, and limited delivery (delivery details TBA).


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All of our blooms are grown on our small 5.5 acre farm near Vulcan, Alberta. We specialize in seasonal cut flowers and cottage bouquets, which are available via our CSAs, On-Farm sales, our Flower Trailer, and our Workshops.




We are happy to develop relationships with florists who value local, seasonal product. If you're a local florist wishing to incorporate more fresh sustainable flowers into your work, please contact us about working together.

About Our Flowers:


Protecting and stewarding the land is extremely important to us, and we take every measure possible to ensure our soil, plants, and surrounding habitats are happily coexisting, chemical-free. To that end, we do not grow factory perfect blooms. Our flowers all have their own personalities, varying in size, colour, and temperament, and we encourage them to be their very best selves by accommodating their needs as best we can. We all strive for excellence together, and we are all absolute show offs.  

Most importantly, our flowers are seasonal. We offer fresh flowers from May to early October. Throughout the season, we also dry flowers for beautiful winter projects and workshops.

"Can I make a special order?"

Though we wish we could accommodate every custom order, due to our limited capacity, we can only accept custom work selectively. All of our designs are based on colour palette and style, rather than specific flowers, and we design with whatever is blooming in our garden at the time of your event. All of our flowers are vulnerable to weather and crop failure, so we cannot guarantee any specific bloom for a later date. That said, every design is still wonderfully unique and beautiful. Please feel free to contact us to inquire about placing an order.

"Do you do weddings?"

We are now booking wedding orders for 2021! Visit our Weddings page for more info.


Flower Care

We harvest our flowers when they are at their best in the early mornings or dusky evenings. Cleanliness and sanitation of our harvest equipment, as well as proper handling of flowers, is extremely important to us, and ensures our blooms are at their healthiest and freshest when they reach you.


Cut flowers last longest when their water is kept fresh, clean, and cool. Most importantly, changing your flowers' water every day will ensure a maximum vase life.


Also, keep your flowers away from ripening fruit, such as apples and pears. The ethylene gas produced by ripening fruit will also "ripen" your blooms, causing them to fade much quicker. 

Flowers like dahlias and poppies typically only have a 3 - 4 day maximum vase life, so don't be too disappointed when these beauties fade. Some flowers last weeks, some only days. Because we value organic practices and care, we do not pump our lovelies full of any sort of preservatives. Nothing gold can stay, we simply appreciate the beauty we're graced with for the time we have it.