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On-Farm Sales

By popular demand, we're finally, carefully, opening our farm up to on-farm flower sales! 


From July to September, we will be selling flowers directly from our farm. BUT, because our farm is a working farm, and is also our home, we have set out specific rules for on-farm sales:


- Sales are BY APPOINTMENT ONLY, between 12:00pm and 4:00pm. Visitors must contact us prior to their arrival. If we are available, we will schedule a time and share directions to our farm. We love sharing our flowers, but unscheduled, "drop in" visitors will be met by some very sweaty, grumpy faces, and asked to return at a scheduled time. Our farm, while lovely, is also private property.


- Each visit requires a one bucket spending minimum ($50 +gst, approx 12 to 30 stems, depending on the flowers), which must be paid by etransfer prior to your arrival. All flowers and foliage are sold by the pail (pails are provided) and are usually between $1.00 and $5.00 per stem. Varieties are available depending on what is in bloom that particular week. On-farm sales that exceed the pre-paid $50 can be paid via cash or etransfer during your visit.


- We do not provide on-demand lists or photos of our flowers, as availability changes often. Please remember that Sarah is probably in the field, with very dirty hands when you contact her, and cannot accommodate on-demand requests for colours, measurements, etc. For the best look at what we have available on a day to day basis, follow us on Instagram (be sure to check our stories) and Facebook.


- We do not allow u-pick, as we do not have time to train every visitor to harvest and condition our flowers properly, and most flowers cut between 9:00am and 7:00pm will wilt. All of our flowers are harvested in the early morning and stored in our cooler/workshop space. 


- Visitors are asked to arrive *on time*, and to please limit their visit to 15 minutes. If visitors wish to purchase multiple buckets of flowers, we will of course extend that time.


- Farm tours are NOT included in flower sale visits, and visitors are not permitted to wander the gardens. Well meaning visitors can easily damage plants and blooms.


- Visitors wishing to snap a few photos must speak to Sarah first. Any posed or organized photoshoots must be booked separately, and such shoots are priced at $75/hour. More information about booking photoshoots is available on our Services page.


We know these rules seem a bit strict, but we are farmers who work very long days, and our farm is our livelihood and our home, not a public space. We look forward to sharing our blooms with you during your scheduled visit!


And if you're simply looking for our fresh bulk blooms, we will be at the Vulcan UFA Farm Supply Store each Wednesday afternoon from mid-June to September. Come by for our weekly "Blown Out Blow Out Sale": all stems, at various stages of "openness", for $1.00 each!

Cut Flower Care

Please see "Our Flowers" for information about cut flower care.