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"Chicken Towne" was envisioned when Sarah first found the farm on, and she joked with her coworkers that she would start an "Old West, Star Trek themed town of chickens". They awarded her a plastic sheriff's star (which she still has) and before they all knew it, she had purchased the farm and was off to start her adventure.

Of course, flowers became the farm's feature, and our "town of chickens" hasn't quite developed into an "Old West Star Trek" wonderland. But it could!

Sponsor a Chicken

We love our floofy ding dongs, and we love sharing stories of their personalities and adventures. By sponsoring a chicken, you'll receive monthly updates from that specific bird, for the year of your sponsorship. Updates will include new things they've learned, who their friends are, how they're doing in general... honestly we spend a bit too much time inventing drama between our birds; love triangles, betrayal, social humiliation, grand victories, and yes, the occasional tragedy... they're kind of our own little soap opera (it gets a bit quiet out here...).


Sponsorship dollars go directly towards animal feed, bedding, health care, and slowly developing their little run into the true "Chicken Towne" dream (yes, we're still dreaming of an Old West Star Trek themed town for them). By sponsoring, you'll also get a regular monthly "Chicken Towne" newsletter, with updates on the whole flock, and featuring "Gussie's Gossip", written from the perspective of our pot belly pig, Gussie (who you can sponsor too!).

Sponsorships are annual, and are a teensy cost of $2 per month, totalling $24 per year (plus GST). You can sponsor one, or multiple animals! You can also donate separately to the "Towne Fund", which will go directly towards Chicken Towne infrastructure.

This project is obviously about FUN. It's a fun way for our kids to be actively involved in the farm, and it's a nice outlet for Sarah's background in comedy (she was a stand up comedian in Calgary for several years). Wanna jump in? Okay!  

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