Florist Friends

We get a lot of requests for custom work, but as a small family farm, we're focused on growing the prettiest blooms we can, and there simply aren't enough hours in the day to take on custom orders as well. That's where the Florist Friends Program comes in!

This program is designed to connect lovers of local flowers with talented florists who support seasonal, organic, locally grown blooms!

As vast as our ambitions are for this program, it's still in "pilot" form, so in 2019, we're sorry to say membership will be capped at five local florists from Vulcan and Calgary. Eventually, our aim is to expand this program for more local flower growers, so more florists can become better acquainted with the local flower growing movement, and more of our flower loving public can fill their special events with gorgeous, farm fresh blooms!

Here's how it works:

1. Hello.
Local florists introduce themselves through our HELLO FRIEND contact form. This is to get a feel for your business' mandate, and your interest in seasonal and sustainable blooms. 

2. Oh hi!
We respond! If it's a match, off we go! If not, it's truly nothing personal, we're just one little farm with limited capacity! We'll let you know either way, and if we can't work with you, we'll connect you with new local growers as soon as we find them!

3. We're Friends Now.

Once we've become acquainted, our new friends purchase an annual FLORIST FRIEND membership with us.

What does this membership include?

We're glad you asked, friend!


- Login access to our weekly FAB FLOWERS bulk flower inventory! Every Wednesday and Saturday, we'll update a "Florist Friends Only" page with all our available bulk blooms, including prices and availability. Florist Friends login, put in their orders by Thursday or Sunday night, and we deliver them Friday or Monday! Blooms will be first come first serve, and we'll always publish them at a set time.

- GIGS! All the custom orders that come to us ~ every bride, event planner, or flower lover looking for seasonal, local custom arrangements ~ will be entered into a live database, which our Florist Friends will have regular access to. Each new gig will include the potential customer's budget, colour palette, dates, locations, contact information, etc, and florists can then choose the jobs they would like to take on. As each florist chooses a gig, they "check" them off in the database, signalling to other florists that the job has been taken. Then they reach out to the new customer, and the fun begins!

- A neat little "FLORIST FRIEND" sign for you to display on your window or front desk! This tells your customers you support our local, seasonal, organically grown blooms, and our farm! Yay!

- All kinds of fun collaboration potential! Like workshops! Oh the workshops!

Does this sound fun to you? Send in your Hello Friend contact form today! Let's be besties!